2. Namerikawa Fureai Onabe

Namerikawa Fureai Onabe

At Namerikawa Tourist Association, we prepared large pan for citizens (individuals, groups) to use for various events and occasions etc.

It will also be practicing such as rice cooking when it is emergency, so please use it by all means.

"Namerikawa Fureai Onabe" Outline

1. Size
Diameter: 88 cm Depth: 35 cm 90 L
2. Specification
Material pan: AL (aluminum) base: SUS (stainless steel)
LP gas cooker (with regulator)
3. What to prepare
LP gas bottle (Please consult with a fuel shop etc.)
4. Rental fee (Gas fee not included)
When transporting by yourself: 4,000 yen once
When sending and receiving at tourist association: 5,000 yen once
5. Application method
Please confirm the date of use in advance with the Tourism Association and fill in the application form and apply 7 days in advance.
6. Other
As you return it please clean it cleanly.
If there is damage, loss, etc., please promptly report it and bear the cost of returning to the original state.
Application for use
Application form for "Namerikawa Fureai Onabe"
Namerikawa Fureai Onabe Stove Regulator