Hotaruika (Firefly Squids) Museum

A museum of Toyama Bay "Hotaru Tokaka" is the theme and it is the only museum in the world that educational and tourismally took up the ecology and the natural environment.

it was only spring until now, but throughout the year, this is a sensible type that you can see and see the charm of the ocean and the mystery of Hotaruka that you have never met before It is an exhibition facility. Dimensional space that has never experienced will surely give a surprise and excitement.

Attention point

Firefly of Namerikawa specialties emits light and punishes to protect themselves from foreign enemies. From 20th March to 31st May, we can display the living Hotaruika and observe the blue luminescence in close proximity.

410 Nakagawara, Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture
8 minutes on foot from Namerikawa station
Adult: 600 Yen ,Child 300 Yen
(20/March to 31/May Adult: 800 Yen ,Child 400 Yen)
9:00 to 17:00
Closing day
Tuesday (in the case of a holiday, next day)
(20/March to 31/May No close, and there are extra temporary closed )

There are shops such as goods department and souvenir shop, restaurants ginkgo, deep water experiences facility thalassopia and footbath.

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