Gyoden Park

Gyoden Park is a natural park with a beautiful flower of seasons of sixty-six thousand square meters.

Especially at around the time of the iris grapes, in the middle of late June to the end of the lunar year, there are 88 beautiful irises and 88 shops and 40 thousand shares in full bloom.

Since it was a part of the manor of Kyoto gion park company, it was called Yonoda, and eventually came to be called "Gyo-nen".

"Sayuri Shimizu of Gyoda" which was also chosen as "Toyama's famous water" springs out everywhere in the park and forms a natural forest as a firefly sights.

Attention point

In the nature park in the park, there are grounds and playground equipment, etc. In addition to the irises, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in April and flowers are seen every season throughout the year.

Gyoden Park Kamikoizumi Namerikawa city, Toyama Prefecture
076-475-2111 (Namerikawa City Town Planning Division)
15 minutes on foot from Namerikawa station
8 minutes by car from Namerikawa IC on Hokuriku Road
At any time

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