Deep-Sea Water Stand “Aqua Pocket”

Deep sea water that has unknown possibility is sleeping in Toyama bay.

Aqua pocket is a deep sea water facility that provides deep sea water from the depth of 333 m in Toyama bay and provides four kinds of deep sea water by using desalination equipment.

In addition to sales of deep water, there are exhibition and experience section introducing deep sea water, training room.

Attention point

In the vicinity of the aqua pocket there are thalassopia and firefly museums, and you can enjoy "deep sea energy" directly with deep sea water facilities.

31 Tsubokawa-shin, Namerikawa City, Toyama
8 minutes on foot from Namerikawa station
Demineralized water 10 liters 110 yen over
Sales of other deep water processed products are also available
Closing day
Tuesday (in the case of a holiday, the next day), New Year's Holiday

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